About Us

Come see what all the buzz is about at Ciao Bella Salon!  Our upscale, modern salon welcomes everyone in the family.  Our team of highly educated artists stay on the cutting edge of an industry that is constantly evolving.  Relax, unwind and enjoy the ultimate in guest experience!  We are here to ensure every day you always feel “Your own kind of beautiful!”



Ciao Bella is a small but amazing salon that is perfected because Katie Rapp is one of their amazing stars. She is not only a top stylist but a Redken teacher. All of her knowledge shows!! Time and time again she impressed me with her skills. From cutting my young nieces’ hair to switching up my cut/color and style perfectly without me having to tell her what I want, she shines through and through. I could not say enough good things about Katie Rapp. Talented, comforting and knowledgeable tied together in a Type A package of perfection!!!
Dawn K.
I had a fantastic experience with Ciao Bella Salon. I was looking for a new salon and stylist due to a poor experience with my last one. Holly did an incredible job highlighting and working her magic on my less-than-stellar hair. I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out, and look forward to going back. I would recommend Holly for anyone wanting highlights or to bounce back from a poor experience. She is a miracle worker!
Emily K.
i went to Ciao Bella for a new experience. My hair was getting brassy and dried out. Holly did an amazing job! Full moisturizing treatment and toned down the brassy highlights that had been killing my hair. I was brave with a new haircut also. Holly was fantastic. I am very happy with my hair. Much healthier and up to date style! Thank you Holly!
Cyndi H.
I love this salon and I LOVE Paige!!!! She is amazing and is incredibly talented!! The salon is a great atmosphere, clean, smells nice, and the people are very welcoming and all happy! They make me want to get a job their because they seem to really love what they do! Don’t even get me started in the shampoos.... hands down THE BEST SHAMPOO EVER!!! My hair always comes out better than I hoped and the integrity and health of my hair is better then it’s been in years!!!
Chelsea S.