Welcome to your Bridal Party

Helpful Hints

  • All bridal party members should come to their hair appointment with an idea of the look they are trying to achieve. Bring pictures of desired styles of hair and make-up if possible. (Hair may not look EXACTLY as picture, as everyone’s hair is different)

  • All bridal party members should come to the salon with clean, dry hair.

  • All bridal party members should wear button up shirts to their appointment.

  • Please feel free to bring refreshments (food, champagne, etc.)

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Bridal Party Timeline

The information provided below is an approximation and will depend on the specific needs and circumstances of the bridal party. For a personal consultation, please come call us or come in.

3-4 Months Before

  • Reserve the salon for your wedding day.

  • Determine the details of what each member of the bridal party will want to have done and complete the accompanying pages.

  • If you think you might remove your veil during the reception, we recommend a metal tooth comb for your veil (they are much easier to remove and will hold longer).

  • If using flowers in your hairstyles, we recommend using artificial flowers because they are not easily damaged by hairspray, heat and weather like real flowers.

  • If you are thinking of changing your hair color, try it now so there is plenty of time to adjust the color if necessary.

  • Schedule your consultation appointments for approximately 3-4 weeks before the wedding and your practice appointments for the week before the wedding.

3-4 Weeks Before

  • Long hair should be trimmed.

  • Come to your consultation with photos of your likes and dislikes along with your veil or any other hair accessories. We recommend bringing photos of your dress and jewelry if possible.

2 Weeks Before

  • If you perm or color your hair, now is the time to have it redone.

  • Short to medium length hair should be trimmed.

The Week Of

  • Bang trim (if needed).

  • Practice appointments to make sure everyone is satisfied with the style they have chosen.

  • Any facial or body waxing, manicure/pedicure, massage or body treatments should be done the week of your wedding. This creates less stress on the wedding day, but ensures all services remain fresh for the wedding.

The Day Of

  • Updo and make-up application. (Come with clean, dry hair and wear a button up shirt.)

  • Bring veil and hair accessories to your appointment.

  • Once your updo is complete, be careful not to sit on your veil.