We want to provide you more information about what you can expect on your upcoming visit. We love our staff and our clients and we are putting in place numerous enhancements to take all precautions we can.

*Due to our limited capacity, we ask that you please be punctual. Call the front desk when you arrive in our parking lot so the receptionist can notify you when your stylist is ready for you. We are not allowed to have clients waiting in the reception area. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance.

*It is necessary that clients wear masks, except when it is not practical due to the service you are receiving. We urge you to bring your own mask, but we do have a limited supply of disposable masks if needed.

*We ask that you practice social distancing except for necessary contact with your stylist. No hugging, no hand shaking, no garthering with other clients or staff.

*Clients will be subject to temperature checks on arrival.

*We are going to accept credit cards only; eliminating the need to handle and pass around cash. We have installed a new tipping system which allows you to tip your stylist directly via your credit card. Purchase receipts will be emailed to you.

*Due to the increased time required for disinfecting, the cost of having to extend hours and the cost of additional disinfecting materials and PPE, we are implementing a temporary surcharge of $1.50 per client. This will defray only a portion of the added costs we are experiencing.

*No guests - only clients receiving services can be in the salon.

*Please limit the items you bring with you into the salon as much as possible. No outside food or beverages please.

*Beyond this, we promise to make your service experience better than ever. We are scheduling more time for each client due to new procedures, and to ensure that your visit after a long time without services will provide everything you need.